Come, let us show you Clipp

Observing moms and dads dealing with the same 'blown-away-swaddle- issue', we decided to develop a clip that is durable, compatible to multiple strollers, and design-led. Our goal is to simplify the little things, so that you can focus on yourself, your family and all other great things in life. Come, let us show you Clipp!


Easy peasy

The use of Swaddleclipp needs almost no explanation, although a baby wont be able to crack the code fortunately! See for yourself how it works.



Different colours or mix up the colours. We’re sure you feel magnitised to one of the Clipps to take them out on a ride? And remember Clipp always comes in two’s.


See how SwaddleClipp can be used in many different ways. Sometimes it even holds on to things we didn’t know it liked. Our advice, keep an eye on him.


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