The Bright Light Collection


The Bright Light Collection is an Amsterdam based brand founded by urban mom Suzanne Lisman. Inspired by the feeling of absolute freedom while strolling trough the park on a sunny day with your little baby, The Bright Light Collection developed the BL-Clip to attach a swaddle to your stroller or Maxi Cosi. Observing other moms dealing with the same 'blown-away-swaddle- issue', Suzanne decided to develop a clip that is strong, compatible to multiple devices and cooly designed. The BL-Clip combines a strong fabric with three magnets in such a way that its compatible to most strollers and car seats. And don't forget, please leave it on the stroller if you are not using it, its a sticky m… f…!


"Walks in the park, drinking coffee with your best friend and shopping in your favorite boutique with your baby is as easy as always, only a bit more comfy with the BL-Clip"