Which brands fit CLIPP? 

Babyzen yoyo, Baby Jogger, Bugaboo, Cybex Priam, Dubatti, Greentom, Joolz, Kidsriver, Maxi Cosi car seat, McLaren, Mima, Mountain Buggy, Mutsy Exo & Igo, Nuna, Oyster, Phil&Ted’s, Quinny, Stokke, Topmark, UPPAbaby, 4moms.

Does SwaddleClipp affects electronic devices?

Yes. SwaddleClipp contains three magnets and should therefore be kept away from electronic devices. 

Does SwaddleClipp affects bankcards?

SwaddleClipp contains magnets and can perhaps influence your bankcards. Its better to keep SwaddleClipp away from them. 

Is SwaddleClipp weather resistant?

Yes. CLIPP is designed to endure strong winds, rain and of course to be used for those sunny days. 

Can I use SwaddleClipp for other means than attaching a swaddle to a stroller?

Yes. As long as the magnets prove to be strong enough you can use it however you like. 

Can I give SwaddleClipp to my kids to play with it?

No. SwaddleClipp is not a toy and should be kept away from kids at any time. The clip contains small magnets and the magnets could somehow become detached from the clip. If kids or pets swallow a magnets, it could be  very harmful to their health.

How can SwaddleClipp be disposed?

Since the clip contains a small amount of magnets, the clip can be disposed with regular household garbage. Nevertheless, it is better for the environment to separate the clips from your regular garbage.

Can I ship SwaddleClipp?

Yes. You can ship SwaddleClipp per regular mail provided that the package is properly shielded. If you send the package with regular mail, the rules of the postal service apply, which are different in every country. Contact them for further instructions.