Our story


SwaddleClipp is an Amsterdam based brand founded by urban mom Suzanne Lisman. Inspired by the feeling of absolute freedom while strolling through the park on a sunny day with her little one.


At SwaddleClipp, we love to bundle expertise to come up with ultimate solutions to simplify little things. So together with Rose Breedveld, upcoming creative mastermind and dear friend, SwaddleClipp was created in the summer of ’15.

Just a little easier

Observing other moms dealing with the same 'blown-away-swaddle- issue', Suzanne decided to develop a clip that is strong, design-led and compatible to multiple devices.

Simple Quality

Our goal is to deliver simple and good quality products to make life just a little easier. With an open mind to family life and a keen eye for detail, we bring you SwaddleClipp. Relax, Clipp does the job!