The clip contains magnets so the following precautions are applicable to the use of the clip

  • The clip contains neodymium magnets. Take great care in order to avoid problems with health and electronic equipment.
  • Read the user guide carefully before you use the product.


  • Magnets have a magnetic field. Keep the clip away from electronic equipment such as laptops, computers, mobile phones and bank cards.
  • If a magnet becomes detached from the clip, throw the clip and the magnets away immediately. Magnets are brittle and can shatter if they click together. When this happens, your fingers or skin could get stuck between two snapping magnets. Since the clip contains a small amount of magnets, the clip can be disposed with regular household garbage.
  • Shipping by airmail is not allowed in many cases. The magnetic effect of the clip devices can negatively. Check carefully the instructions of the airlines.
  • Sending the clip by mail is only possible if the clips properly shielded.


  • The clipp is not a toy and is not intended for children. Ensure that the clip is kept away from children.
  • Swallowing magnets is harmful to your health. If a magnet becomes detached from the clip, then keep the magnets out of reach of children and pets to prevent the magnets from being swallowed. If this happens nonetheless, enable prompt medical attention. Safely discard it as soon as possible.
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